Mission Statement

To empower the global community by utilizing music to strengthen relationships between artists, educators, parents, youth, and institutions

About CODA Program

Community! Outreach! Development! Achievement! More than a music lesson, CODA Program offered a holistic approach to music education. Students received a well-rounded experience in every workshop, class, and lesson led by artist educators whose approach is to share music with the world. CODA Program offered private music instruction, workshops, after-school and summer camp programming, classroom education, custom workshops and learning tools. Serving every educational level from kindergarten to college and beyond, CODA Program effectively provided opportunities for communities to learn and enjoy music.


CODA Program is the result of a need. During the Summer of 2004, while taking a break from an artist production project, Ali Richardson and Nathan Lee Jones discussed their desire to help children within the community gain increased access to quality music educational experiences. Ali, being a highly-skilled educator and musician, was already offering his services to a variety of clients. However, the need was greater than he alone could fulfill. Teaming up, the CODA Program was born.

Summer 2004

First CODA Program workshop implemented.

Spring 2005

First CODA Program youth CD is recorded.

Summer 2005

First multiple‐series recording workshop featuring original student production and lyrics created.

Fall 2005

First multi‐week After School programming created and implemented.

Summer 2006

Implemented multiple‐site, six week summer camp curriculum for over 400 students

Fall 2006

Implemented first in‐class, school‐year curriculum

Summer 2007

First mass‐produced CD is recorded (500 copies).

Fall 2007

Opening of the Beacon Café Studio, a project‐based recording facility at a local Middle School.

Fall 2008

Beacon Café Music Classes launched, offering voice, piano, drums, and guitar at low‐cost rates; Music and Theater curriculum developed and implemented for High School on a daily basis.

Summer 2009

CODA Program opens its office/studio space in West Philadelphia.

Summer 2009

CODA Program opens its office/studio space in West Philadelphia.

Summer 2011

City-wide Inspire Project launched.

Summer 2012

CODA Program closes its doors.

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